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FitBit Flex Review – Pros VS Cons and Features

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Hey everyone welcome back this is D HTV and today we’re going to be reviewing the Fitbit flex as always if you’re interested in this product and want more reviews specifications and pricing the link is in the description down below anyway let’s get started so for those of you that don’t know the Fitbit flex is basically a fitness tracking band and what it allows you to do is basically track your daily activity your steps your sleeping patterns and it ties in with your smartphone or your computer so I’ve been using the Fitbit flex now for about a week and there’s a lot of things that I really like about this band but there’s a couple of things that I don’t like and personally are a little bit worrisome to me especially for people like you who may be interested in purchasing the band so we’ll get into the pros of this and we’ll get into the cons little bit later in the video so first off I really like the band itself it’s lightweight it’s rubber it’s waterproof so you can wear it in the shower you can wear it swimming and you don’t have to worry about it getting wrecked I really like the fitting of the band itself it fits pretty much any wrist size and in the box they give you a second band so if you have a smaller wrist you can use the second band and just take out the little machine inside which tracks everything and you can just pop it into the bend that fits your wrist now the battery life with the Fitbit flex is really good you can get up to five days without a charge and I’m personally past that right now I’m just going to let this thing go until it dies we’re almost that day6 here and this thing is still going now this is going to depend on how many times you tap it and show off the LED lights obviously it’s going to use more power but it should get you up to five days and charging is really easy you simply pull out the band take out the little dongle inside which is the machine it might seem a little bit annoying to do that but in a way it’s good because if you ever do burn out the band you can just purchase a separate band which are pretty cheap and then you can put the little machine back inside and you’re good to go brand new band and you can keep on working out now a great feature with this particular band is its sleep mode if you tap the device a bunch of times it’ll go into a sleep mode and basically it’ll stop tracking your steps and now don’t start tracking your sleep so basically it’ll track how many times you move throughout the night if you’re restless if you’re awake if you wake up different things like that and it actually has a way to set up an alarm which will wake you up with a simple vibration on your arm which all the user saying which is a great feature especially if you don’t want to wake up your partner or anything like that now where things start to transition from good to bad is within the application itself and I find that the band relies a little too heavily on the tracking application just because you need to use it pretty much for everything now it’s a great application don’t get me wrong you can track your steps you can track your calories you can track the food you’ve eaten your sleeping patterns implement different activities that you might have done but really that’s going to take away from the band itself because you’re always going to be on your phone or at home on the computer and especially if you don’t have a smart phone tracking some of the things you’re doing in your day to day life especially on the go like driving and things like that having to implement those into the application just to get a better accurate tracking on your steps for the day can be a little bit annoying and almost take away from the whole get up and go from the Fitbit flex now I’m a fairly active person I like to go to the gym at least three times a week I do weight training I do cardio I play ice hockey so I’m doing a lot of active things and I find that I can hit my goal or my 10,000 steps really quickly and personally I know I haven’t done 10,000 steps throughout the day so that led me to actually testing the application and testing the band itself and what I noticed is the band isn’t just tracking your steps it’s tracking your movement so just by simply shaking your arm like this you can actually jump up and get 2030 steps in there and really how much work was this so if I’m working at the computer or if I’m driving there is a way around this you can go into the application and simply type in the activity you’re doing and then go back and it’ll delete the steps that it tracks during that activity so personally I tried this on a day I tracked when I was driving my start times my finish times when I got out of the car I said I’ve stopped driving now when this becomes a chore that’s when this becomes a dust collector and that’s what happens with this application that’s what’s happening with this basic band now for me I wanted it to just be something you put on you can check it okay I’ve done this I’ve done that let’s go let’s go and I think these expectations are too high so trying to actually implement all this into the application itself takes away from the band and real makes the band almost useless because you’re tracking everything by hand it’s almost like writing it down on paper and you can get an estimate on that just as good as a band that tracks it for you now don’t get me wrong this is a great bed for someone just needing a little bit of motivation something to get you going get you active get you moving around you’re definitely going to see that okay I need to get moving if you only see like one or two three bars I mean you’re not going to get all the way to the end of the line here just by typing on the computer unless you cheat yourself the Fitbit flex is a great way to get motivated but I think if you’re an active person already or if you do jogging or anything aside from just walking it’s going to be a little bit of a chore to use this thing to work out anyway guys I hope you found this review helpful let me know what kind of band you’re using if you’re using one if you’re going to get the Fitbit flex or even let me know if you have one of these if you’re noticing any of these issues and personally I’m going to be open getting another one of these bands while probably getting the Nike FuelBand and see how that one works so definitely subscribe if you’re interested in checking that out and I will see you guys in the next one


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