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15+ Myths We Blindly Believe About Healthy Food

When most people hear healthy eating they think no gluten, no carbs, and certainly no food after 6 P.M. But let me tell you a little secret – all this is nothing more than a myth! And it’s time to bust more of them… Organic food is healthy food Some people are ready to buy anything as long as they see the word “organic” on the packaging.

But all organic chocolate, cookies, chips and other things you love are still full of sugar and fat that you run away from in their non-organic versions. So don’t be lazy and always check the ingredient list before buying something. You have to eat certain number of fruit a day You probably heard at least once that you have to eat 6 apples or any other fruit a day to be healthy. That’s a complete lie! First of all, let’s be real – nobody can eat that many fruit every single day without feeling nauseous.

And secondly, why suffer from stuffing oranges in your mouth when you can drink 500 ml of apple juice per day? That’s exactly 6 apples for ya! If you eat sweets, you eat unhealthy The main thing you should pay attention to is the energy balance of your food. For example, an ordinary avocado on wheat toast contains more calories than 30 grams of forbidden Nutella on white toast. So good news is that you don’t have to be too strict with yourself! But you have to be responsible about your daily nutrient consumption and know your limits.

Sugar causes obesity Sugar, obviously, shouldn’t be in your menu if you want to eat healthy. However, it’s not responsible for all the problems in the world, even obesity! The most common reason behind it is a consistent calorie surplus, not a Snickers bar or vanilla ice cream you ate last month. Keep your daily calorie intake in check and everything will be alright! Salt is the enemy Most people who try to eat healthy despise sugar and salt with the same level of passion. But going completely salt-less has been linked to headaches, fatigue, and nausea. Thankfully, specialists say that not all salt was created equal! Julie Bednarski, a registered dietitian and chef, suggests that the best type of salt for your health is pink Himalayan one. It provides your system with 84 key trace minerals and, therefore, has a positive effect on your system. Egg whites are healthier than yolks For some reason many people always ignore yolks and try to eat only egg whites or no eggs at all. And this is one of the biggest losses for your body! Just one egg yolk contains loads of protein, vitamins A, D, E, K, and other important minerals.

Moreover, egg yolks are highly nutritious, making you feel full for longer periods of time. So throw away all your snacks and make it a habit to eat one whole egg every day! You should replace butter with margarine Butter contains saturated fat which is not always good for your system’s work. But if you replace it with margarine, you make a huge mistake as well, since it’s usually full of trans fats. Just like with organic foods, you have to take a closer look at the ingredient list before choosing the product. Margarine with olive oil is the best margarine – it’s packed with healthy plant-based fats that nourish your system from the inside and make you look good on the outside. Carbs are bad for you Everyone who at least tried to eat healthy heard of terrifying carbs that are on a mission to ruin your life and figure. But the truth is that our body needs carbohydrates to get a necessary dose of energy.

Of course, there are different sources of carbs and not all of them are healthy, so it’s better to stick to minimally processed foods, including dairy, whole grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. You can be healthy only if you eat superfoods In reality many expensive products with long and hard-to-pronounce names contain way more calories than you think. As a result, today you eat hot and popular dried fruit and tomorrow you wake up with a couple of extra pounds you never asked for.

So before buying a new “healthy eating sensation” you see all over the Internet, make sure that it really is nutritious and healthy for your body. Snacks improve your metabolism Carrying a couple of healthy snacks with you at all times is great but, unfortunately, they have no effect on your metabolism whatsoever. The only thing that your metabolic rate is slightly related to is what you eat, and it’s better be nutritious whole foods! This doesn’t mean that you should give up snacking, though – just change it from typical “healthy” bars to pieces of fruit or nuts. Skinny coffee is healthier than regular one Nowadays many people go crazy over so-called skinny coffee that can make you slimmer and healthier in no time. And it really does contain only 6 calories for one serving. But did you know that a cup of regular black coffee contains only 5 calories? A perfect choice for your diet and bank account! Diet soda is better than regular one If you are in the mood to cheat your diet a little bit and drink some soda, I have a surprise for you – diet soda can make you gain way more calories than regular one! True, diet soda originally contains less calories but don’t forget that it’s an artificial sweetener.

These stuff make your system crave sugar like never before and your figure definitely doesn’t benefit from that. Regular soda is no good for your body either – it contributes to cavities and is linked to asthma and osteoporosis. So if you can’t resist the temptation, choose regular soda but it’s still better to avoid both of them. Kale is the healthiest green you can find Kale is rich in all kinds of elements, including vitamins A, K, C, B6, magnesium, calcium, and many others. But is it the best green ever? Apparently not! Back in 2014 The Center of Disease Control published a list of powerhouse fruit and vegetables, ranking them according to their nutrient density score. And, believe it or not, kale ended up taking only 15th place on this list! It lost to spinach, parsley, Romaine lettuce, and other goods that were proved to be way more nutritious. You should cook with coconut oil Coconut oil raises two kinds of cholesterol in your system: HDL (“good” one) and LDL (“bad” one).

For a long time specialists were sure that HDL can easily minimize all the harmful effects of LDL. However, it turned out to be a myth as well. So when you decide to cook your meal using coconut oil or add it in your healthy salad, you give an additional boost to your “bad” cholesterol, shifting your system’s balance. Instead, use extra virgin olive oil! It’s full of monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fatty acids that protect your heart and improve your body’s work. Healthy food should look cool These days perfect healthy food pictures are getting more and more likes on Instagram. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you remember that healthy eating isn’t a fashion statement – it’s a responsible way of taking care of your body. Think about it – a seemingly healthy combo of avocado with a bunch of chia seeds on sourdough contain 505 calories, while two simple slices of bacon and a fried egg on the same sourdough has only 360 calories! So think nutritional value, not flawless presence.

Gluten is the worst thing ever Avoiding gluten can make you healthier only if you have Celiac disease or gluten intolerance. In any other case, you’re perfectly fine! Most gluten-free foods have very little nutrients and way too much sugar which hurts your system and ruins your looks. If you’re still not sure whether or not you should give up gluten, just make an appointment and get tested to see how your body responds to it. Eating after 6 P.M. makes you fat All this nonsense about not eating after 6 P.M. is another popular myth that people still live by. Let’s say you go to bed at 12 A.M. and stop eating at 6 P.M. That’s a huge period of time when your digestive system doesn’t understand what’s going on and why you ignore its needs. Needless to say, going 6 hours without food is far from being healthy. So the rule should be completely different – don’t eat 2-3 hours before going to bed. You need to detox regularly Our body is a truly magical system which works like a clock if you take good care of it.

Sometimes we feel like we can help it cleanse with special juice or pill but it’s actually not true. Kristin Kirkpatrick, a wellness manager at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, confirms this too, saying that our system already does all this dirty work for us. Your job is simple – love your body and nourish it! Do you have any healthy eating rules of your own? Tell me in the comments below. Don’t forget to give this video a “like,” share it with your friends, and click “subscribe.” Stay on the Bright Side!