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1st Day Diet Menu | 10 Days Diet Plan | Weight Loss Tips | English Subtitles | Gowri Samayalarai

Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai First Day diet to start with Green Tea Note: Before Green Tea have a glass of water Instead of Coffee and Tea have this Green Tea about 6.00 AM at morning This Green helps refresh and detox your body After 45 mins. after drinking this Green Tea it is better to go for a walk or do Yoga. Consume soaked fenugreek seeds with the soaked water after finishing Yoga or walking for about 7.00 AM. For Breakfast – Ragi Dosa at 9.00 AM. Check my channel for the preparation of Ragi Dosa The contents are onion, grated carrot, Curry leaves with little salt This chutney is made using bottle gourd, ridge gourd and Brinjal Check the preparation of this chutney in my channel 20 mins.

After the breakfast, drink 1 glass hot water. It is better to consume a light juice (without Sugar) and fruit by 11.00 AM I would recommend Masala Butter Milk and a Guava fruit Guava has many health benefits in it Butter milk has calcium in it Avoid Banana Diet meal for Lunch 2 Dry Chapatis without salt Carrot Beans steamed vegetable dish Onion slices are good to reduce cholesterol Drumstick soup which has iron content It helps preventing hair loss during dieting Check my channel the preparation of Drumstick soup Curd to provide calcium First drink the soup and eat 2 chapati’s with the veg dish.

20 mins after lunch, drink hot water soaked with jeera. Evening drink Herbal Tea instead of Coffee and Tea It =Contents are pudina, cinnamon TaIt helps reducing cholestrol, BP Take some cucumber with Herbal Tea Dinner Diet Veg. Wheat Soup For protein take 1 cooked Egg 1 Apple sliced 15 mins. after Dinner drink Hot water Plain water or jeera water It helps in better digestion and weight loss .