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BLACKPINK DIET?! | I tried eating like Blackpink and actually lose weight! (ENGLISH W/ INDO SUB)

Hi everyone and welcome to my diet walk again so this time I’m doing a black pink diet so you guys must be wondering like do black thing even go on diet I thought they were just like those slim people with high metabolism so I did a little research on them and I just want to try and follow their eating pattern like their diet and lifestyle so for your information I have a very regular metabolism rate I wish I have a fast metabolism rate too but I am normal like most of the people do so I’m just going to try this diet and see if I lose weight gain weight or just maintain my baby so there are actually five rules to this black bean diet this diet method is just based on my research and observation so I don’t know if I’m wrong all right but it’s just based on what I think Oh number one I know that they are not on a tight diet I saw them eating quite a lot of food on their variety shows so they don’t really control what they see so much like news k-pop idols up to number two I think they control their amount of portion that they eat it may seems a lot but they don’t eat all the food like they just eat sound like they we tend to share the other portions of ET number three they eat regularly so I assume they eat three meals a day number four I know they move a lot because they are capable idols and they just kind of practice their dances most of the time at their practice room so I’m going to do a cardio for like 30 minutes to one hour a day and the last tip is I think they eat quite slowly they don’t eat like really fast they just eat pretty slowly and elegantly like most girls would do in my case I eat really really fast so in this diet I will try to eat slower to have my kimchi fried rice now I got inspired by this video and I also have my green chile right here that’s thickened it’s actually quite hard for me to film while I’m making this because there’s no one to fill me so I can really film it it’s my first time making it and it’s pretty good I just add some kimchi egg salt and pepper sweet soy sauce just like that because the kimchi is already very savory so it’s already bought some coconut water I bought it at the street stalls and they usually just cut up the coconut and put the coconut water inside a plastic bag like this no I’m just going to cut some Tom Yum noodles it’s from the brand coca and it’s only like 240 calories and it’s also gluten free I’m having Tony uncle so I have my Tom iam here but like the instant one not the restaurant and also saw them having coconut water so I have my coconut water right here you I didn’t finish all of it because I was already quite full so I’m just gonna stop and never I feel cool so I’ve just finished me do 30 minutes of cardio so as you can see this is a clip of Rosie eating her sandwich I don’t really know how to pronounce her name if it blows over Jose I don’t know so I’m going to eat my sandwich – right here I’m going to try to eat as low as possible so I’m going to have my pancakes right now it doesn’t look that’s good that’s black beans one but I think it will taste pretty good so I added some maple syrup vanilla ice cream banana and moment you don’t feel like working out today and I just went to a nearby part and did a little jogging so I don’t have green apples with me right now I’m having this mini apples yeah 37 minutes cardio workout at home I followed the bun from Fitness Blender I love to follow their workout videos because it’s quite easy to follow and it also make you sweat a lot as you can see I try to move a lot usually only have 300 to 500 steps a 3-day after the black bean diet and I’m going to weigh myself now oh my god I can’t believe I actually lose weight I thought about gaining weight or just maintain my