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Nutrition – Guide To a Healthy Diet – With 2 SUPER HEALTHY RECIPES

Hi everyone, Welcome to Lazy Dancer tips, I’m Alessia. Today we are in a different place, yes it’s not home but we are in the kitchen of the Lodge.Space where I usually teach classes, so come and check it out! But today I’ve got here Mirko which happened to be a chef and studying to become a nutritionist. I know lots of you asked me about the diet of a ballerina, so this video, let’s say, it’s inspired by all those questions but rather than talking about the diet of a ballerina I want to talk about the nutrition of an athlete or whoever once to have a healthier body.

So let’s start with that! so here you go, this is Mirko! Hello Mirko very nice to see you! This is our chef and as I’ve mentioned before you’re studying to become a nutritionist! ! Yes. Fantastic! I’m gonna ask you one first question! Rather than asking what should I eat, is : what shouldn’t we eat and why. Starting from white sugar so food that creates toxicity in the body, so once again white sugar, white flour, white bread, and looking at replacing those with healthier alternatives like whole grain flour, whole grain breads of course, and then for example instead of eating normal white sugar we can look at molasses to make deserts and pure maple syrup. Always look at the quality of those ingredients it’s really important, it’s what makes the difference when you obviously look at vitamins mineral intake, so always look at the quality of those products.

These bad sugars and flours what do they do to the body? if you’d have, let say, way too much cake or lots of pasta or anything, what do they do body wise? Well we all know insulin in the blood, so when that goes up obviously there is a response of the body to just bring it back down, so our energy is not at the same level during the day so what we want to look at is to avoid processed sugar flour to keep the energy and balance throughout the day If we wanted to detox our body what are the, well obviously we just said sugars and white flowers and all of those ingredients that you mentioned so how do you think we should detox? If I want to start on a clean slate I want to get rid of all that stuff, what would be the nicest intake? what foods would you recommend for the body? Overall just look at eating better foods with more fibre, proteins, better quality carbohydrates Maybe as soon as you wake up in the morning instead of having breakfast right away you can just wait maybe an extra hour or two and focus on water.

So lots of water, that very very very important! I drink about two litres of water and I weight 75 kilos so you would balance that. You balance that yeah. So of course you know I think we’ve all been into a situation where, well I’m talking about my experience, and I found most of the time that I was affected by what others around me were doing, especially when I was really young and you know, if someone was eating very little, I would always think that I was doing something wrong and I wouldn’t actually get the intake I needed for the day, to the point of feeling absolutely drained during a rehearsal and almost fainted. To that point I knew I absolutely knew that I was doing something completely wrong. That’s the time when I started changing my diet having my good sugars, all the veggies and carbs and proteins I needed. So never tried to be affected by others always go with what you need and how you’re feeling especially we need to listen to our body a lot so the key point : listen to your body and how it feels.

If you feel drained and tired obviously there is something going wrong especially if you do exercise a lot if you’re an athlete and you’re not getting what you need for the body to get going. always listen to your body do not be affected by others. this what… Don’t be affected me I’m not telling you what to eat and what not but I always say feel good with yourself have everything green and rainbow like! You say lots of colours, and rainbow colours. In season! oh yes in season Don’t eat berries in winter, who knows where they’ve been You do whatever you want, but…

He’s the chef! So Mirko I know you that you’ve got few good recipes for us and again these are not only for athletes or dancers it’s for everyone that kind of wants to make a little change throughout the lifestyle Yeah we’re just looking at simple cooking principles that can be applied to the cooking, substituting what we said white flours with… what I use for example is buckwheat flour to give an example which is also gluten free most people are intolerant to gluten and very small amount of people were very very sensitive it’s very dangerous. It’s a good flour, very tasty and we are gonna make some pancakes. SuperDuper pancakes! What else have you got in there for us? And then we have a Veganyasa, which is beautiful mix of colourful veggies with homemade pesto and some tempeh. Yum! I tried that one!! which for those who don’t know Tempeh is a fermented type of Tofu, so it comes from soy, very high protein and the carbs coming from the vegetables, are important for pre and post-workout! So I say let’s get cooking! yey! ok let’s start ok guys some coconut oil to start with.

It’s a saturated fat so when cooking it does create less toxic compounds compared to normal vegetable oils. So this is even better than olive oil? yeah, It’s always best to cook with saturated fats so coconut oil, ghee which is a clarified butter oh, we got some time as well salt Our sweet potato has been seasoned and cooked so i’m just going to warm it up. what seasoning di you put in it? pepper, salt and oil Tempeh, we just put a lid on top, it’s going to be faster a couple of minutes it’s basically just to give it a bit of flavour? yes to caramelise the onions, cook the mushrooms, warm up the sweet potato and the Tempeh so how good is the sweet potato? What has the sweet potato got in it that is good for the body? The sweet potato has got good carbs, which are essential for pre and post workout, to restore our glycogen in the muscles it very good after workout? and before a workout you need carbs to produce energy of course and don’t forget Walter! Water is really important! Don’t forget to breathe properly oxygen is really important for energy production so really really keep water and oxygen up! And also, obviously talking about foods, good Foods! Homemade food, quality first and don’t forget in season So what’s in there? So did you guys notice we are Italian? Nooo, now they’ve the proof! So tell me more about the cheesy thingy…Cheesy thingy? The cheesy thingy that you said, the tofu it’s not cheese It’s called Tempeh, it’s a fermented version of Tofu.

And when we ferment food usually we raise the amount of vitamins and minerals contained in the food and also we create that bacteria that is best when we digest. So good for your belly! Happy belly! So this is a very very simple dish to make anyone can do it at home it’s very quick and I can’t wait to try it! If you guys are looking to eating these before a workout you might want to keep your carbohydrates and protein in equal amounts and we usually look at roughly 0.25 grams per pound of body weight for either protein and carbs so in this case that it’s just a little protein and a lot of carbs the onions, the bread and stuff so you might want to uptake a little bit your tempeh and maybe less of the veggies that will help you to prepare, build muscle and eventually not feeling exhausted after your workout we’re gonna start with the pancakes now aren’t we? pancakes but different pancakes, what are we gonna do? so this is my mix, we use buckwheat flour which is gluten free, as we said before, chia seeds some desiccated coconut, vegan milk and apple pure.

It’s completely gluten free? Completely gluten free, I don’t put any sugar in the mix so in case obviously someone doesn’t want any sugar we give the option . Some coconut oil as usual for cooking, saturated fats. So, it’s got chia seeds in there, right? what is the good thing about chia seeds? a lot of things Really nutrient, concentrated seeds, a lot of magnesium, helps to relax the muscles oh it’s good for the cramps, I was about to say, if you’ll get any cramps then it’s really good for muscles and relaxing! yes, it also plays a big role in calcium absorption, which on the other hand, helps to contract muscles. calcium is good for the bones as well the moment of the flipping, which I never do write for some reasons. look at that! beautiful! we used to serve those with some berries a couple of months ago in summer now we just switch to pears and apples which are obviously in season Do you put your pear on top as it is, or do you…? the pear is actually..

good question! It does look different , doesn’t it ? yeah it doesn’t really look like a pear… it’s poached in red wine you get the red wine as well! and you never told me! before it was teaching class! I had to pear with a red wine chopping the pear pure maple syrup and this is? that is a vegan custard. how do you make it? It’s made out of milk starch. Milk you mean? Dairy-free milk I’m sorry I suppose i took that for granted but yeah that’s all I use in my kitchen, dairy free menus Vegan Friendly! This is coconut yogurt Toasted hazelnuts. what do you put in the custard? so the custard once again is made out of coconut milk, turmeric which gives the yellow colour, a bit of starch, vanilla essence some orange or lemon zest.

Whichever you like best so there you go guys this is only couple of options for you to change your diet, eat healthy, get all of the intakes that the body needs for it to function and to feel good as we said before get rid of all the bad sugars or the bed flours and replace it I guess the most important thing is not to cut or to eliminate but is to replace with things they are much better for the body so you can have sweets but rather than having white sugar you can have your agave maybe so that’s an option so try to find all the different options that can be good for your body. Don’t forget to follow Mirko on Instagram and to get all the different recipes that he’s got hidden from us ! yes thanks for reminding! you’re very welcome! If there is any advice that you need for cooking just follow me and feel free to inbox and i’ll be more than happy to help you and also don’t forget to write comments and tell us if you liked it if this was helpful for you or if you need any more or you need to know any more than this and we’ll be more than happy to do it.

And if there is something else that you want to want us to cook just let us know we’d be more than happy to! More things to do more things to cook! I think I’m gonna go and eat now because I’m hungry! Bye guys, Ciao see you next time! .