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Raw Food Diet Documentary – part 2 of 2

Hello again, hope you enjoyed this one. On this too, we have some of the most delicious recipes you could imagine, from leading raw vegan chefs. Nothing I like about all raw food, but especially a dish like this is you can just see how fresh it is, there’s nothing processed in there there’s nothing that you have to think about what you’re eating, it’s just simple ingredients. Under the main menu, when you click on nutrition, you’ll discover what makes raw food so powerful, and providing the body with all the nutrients we need to be our best.

You will also find out how living raw contributes to rejuvenation and longevity. The live food protocol, which is the way of life and a lifestyle, because it isn’t just live food, it’s exercise, it’s yoga, it’s meditation, it’s the whole lifestyle, the whole energy, creates an anti-aging effect. Eating raw is really a body, mind and spirit lifestyle, so be sure to check out spiritual aspects. When you get out of that realm of death and destruction and eating raw living foods, I think it raises the vibrations of not only you, but everything around. We’re here to be creative expressions of the infinite, we are the stars looking back at themselves with all the power that’s within us, so we can harvest everyone’s gifts and talents and absolutely build heaven on earth. Remember, if I can do it, anyone can and I’m loving living raw for life. I look for alkaline foods, alive foods, what I call water rich foods, that means the water is still in them, the aliveness is still there, it’s not all cooked out. Enzymes are the life force of the food.

When you cook anything over 118 degrees for one minute, it destroys all of the enzymes and most of the nutritional value of the food. Ergo the saying, and like David Wolfe of the raw food lexicon, says that cook food is poison because it becomes something toxic for the body to deal with. Microwave oven food is the worst, I mean it is by far, our bodies do not recognize the structure of the proteins that the food has changed to, there’s no digestive enzymes produced, because you don’t smell the food you don’t see the food. So cooked foods really take on a very destructive, but they’re also extremely acidic and extremely addictive, so once you start eating cooked foods, you want more and more and more, and to break the cycle you really need to do a detox or cleanse it really is very beneficial in helping to break that cycle of craving the cooked foods.

When you have the food in its raw condition, you have more nutrients present, you have more vitamin C, you have more minerals that are available, etc, etc, etc. So, to be in good health, we want to drive that’s higher in nutrients, and lower in calories, that means you have to eat foods that are largely high nutrient, low calorie foods, well the foods that are highest in nutrients, are green vegetables, tomatoes, berries, oranges, carrots and you’re gonna get a diet higher in fiber, higher in high nutrients, higher in phytochemicals, automatically not gonna be acid forming, it’s gonna take all those features that each fad diet looks at, is are all put together, when you eat a diet that’s not that’s very nutrient dense. What we’ve unveiled in our research is that there are four major components in raw living foods that make them viable for healing and prevention of disease, first or hormones second is oxygen, third is phytonutrients, and fourth is enzymes.

Here we’ve coined the phrase HOPE, it’s a new era of nutritional hope, and that’s why living food is superior, and it makes you live longer, as well as prevent and eliminate disorder. Think about pharmaceuticals for a moment, they are one isolated chemical extract, a synthesized chemical, usually something that never appears in nature, and certainly doesn’t appear in that concentration and in that isolation. Pharmaceuticals then become like poisons to the human body, and the side effects that you see are just the effects of the poison.

But in nature you never see a chemical isolated like that, in a plant you might have hundreds of different phytochemicals. I mean consider the natural medicines that are really in raw foods, these are the medicines synthesized by Nature, they’re like little plant-based pharmaceuticals, but they’re built by mother nature, not by some pharmaceutical laboratory, well these are naturally biocompatible with the human body, so when you take those in, you get healthy because the plant actually built those medicines, to keep itself healthy, and they all work in concert, there’s a synergistic healing effect of those nutrients, you don’t get that from a drug, but you do get that when you eat raw foods, or you drink a raw food smoothie, you get those hundreds of different nutrients working in concert to heal your body and to essentially activate that healing potential that’s built into your body.

Working with hundreds of thousands of people now, we’ve developed a quite keen understanding on what makes the anatomy of the body function and the immune system protective. We’ve seen thousands, tens of thousands of people recover from catastrophic disease and it primarily comes on a dietary level from a green food diet, with either the total elimination or a short-term elimination of all fruits and a lot of nutrition from sprouts, sprouts are 10 30 times more nutritious and the best organic vegetable that you pick wash and eat, an average sprout like clover is ten times more nutritious, something like wheatgrass or sunflower greens 30 times more nutritious. So when I learned from the Indian style and the fruitarian way of life and also exercises, and in mental work and spiritual work, on a daily basis, basically start when you get up in the morning first you got to be like your kind of policeman with your own thought process, because you know we’re bombarding the negativity and anxiety problems, people are dying and there’s accidents and there’s wars and is rapes and there’s horrible things going on all the time.

So you always have to make sure as much as you can to stay in a positive frame of mind, you know the glass it’s always helf full, no matter what happens and you have to pray and then faith in God and faith in yourself and and you know find your purpose in life. It happened for me even I turned 50, I just knew I was going to be a public speaker and it’s just interesting when when you make a decision and you make a commitment how things flow into your life. Something inside has to light up some level of inspiration in order to keep people going and I believe that that inspiration is knowing that what waits on the other side is something better than they could have ever even known.

It’s a long long long difficult road, but I do think that we are making inroads into it, there is an awareness, there are people waking up, it’s about waking up, people are walking around a sleep on our planet, they’re not paying attention, you hear little buzz words of what’s going on with the environment, but what are we doing in our lives specifically to make those changes, we aren’t working with the whole picture enough, but I think it is the seeds are being planted. So, mainstream people really need to get with this, because many of them are like sheep walking to slaughter, they’re just in the haze, they think they’ve arrived on the planet to be consumers, they’re addicted to the next mall, the next fast-food restaurant, the next bigger and brighter hamburger, or something, and they’re killing themselves and setting themselves up to be leached on by the pharmaceutical companies till they die, and that’s not why we’re here we’re here to be creative expressions of the infinite, we are the Stars looking back at themselves with all the power that’s within us, being used to conform to a sick society, and now we need to set ourselves free to heal, to allow the power to express, so that we can not only be the creative individuals that were called to be, but to then build a world in which every boy and girl man and woman has their basic needs met, so we can harvest everyone’s gifts and talents and absolutely build heaven on earth.

My name is Lillian Miller I am from Norway. I grew up on a farm, I was a typical farm girl from Norway really, and I did not get into veganism or vegetarianism until I came to America, I became a vegan at 27, I was runner-up Miss Norway at 18, that’s how it started, I became a model in London in my early twenties, I was the page three girl in the London Sun, then playboy saw me I was 24 and I got an offer to come to America and become a center for the first year in America.

I lived at the Playboy Mansion you have noticed my first boyfriend here and since that was you happiness girlfriend I was allowed to go in there and I take a chair and sit in this refrigerator and just eat. Because I came from very simple circumstance and all we were quite poor actually, and I had never seen you know big buckets of crab legs and boiled eggs in trays and old grilled chickens and and salmon. So I gained 12 pounds in six weeks and I was not a very healthy person, but I just became Playmate of the year, I had a big career, I started working in American television and I split up after that first year, and I remember I was studying voice and acting in Hollywood Hills with a very interesting woman called Laura Hart, and one day she said to me, I can’t teach you, because you have you can collect your thoughts, you can concentrate, you always depressed seem to be anxiety ridden, and always worried about your weight, and you know my fingers would always swell up, and I was anemic, I used to pass out all the time, and she said you better go and see a friend of mine called Eugene Stanley, and I studied and the following year with this wonderful holistic doctor called Eugene Stanley and that year I became a fruitarian actually, I did almost one year on fruit.

It’s the most extreme of all raw food diets and that really started me on this whole raw thing and becoming super healthy, now it’s been 29 years since I became a vegan vegetarian, those 29 years I have barely had any dairy products and I think I’ve had fish a couple of times in those 29 years, I never touch meat. The fruitarian diet for me is the perfect diet, I do believe that, I don’t always have the will-power to stay on the fruitarian. I get a little bored once in a while.

I also do organic, I don’t just do fruit, but I do organic fruit, if it’s available. And they say that every seven years, your body totally changed from down through all your cells tissues, everything changes, every seven years, so actually if you become raw today or a fruitarian or vegan or whatever is your goal to be. In seven years, which is so great about this, it’s not like you don’t age like normal or average people, because you can actually you can start becoming like super healthy today, like a raw vegan diet. I believe in seven years from now you can become a healthier person. We understand flexibility is the contrary point to aging, with aging there’s a tendency to contract and with youthing there’s tention to expand, so what we see is flexibility increases and that’s a sign of a really the anti-aging process. Well life, this physical body is chronologically 65 years old.

When I was 60 I did 601 push-ups, when I was Captain of undefeated football team and Amber’s College, middle linebacker guard, I get to 70 push-ups. Here I am 40 years later being able to do literally nine to ten times more push-ups than I could do when I was a 20 year old. What does that tell us, it actually tells us that we are setting off an anti-aging thing, and it’s it’s not just physical, it’s not just endurance, it is a sense of youthfulness a sense of joy, a sense of happiness. Why? Because we’ve set up and activated the anti-aging, we have activated the youthing genes.

I’m Tom Hairabedian, I’m 83 years old, and I have a doctor’s degree in physical education, I’m interested in raw foods, and I’ve been taking them for some time, well I’m the oldest one diving now, the other divers the older divers as they grew older, they racked up all kinds of problems, and a good many of the divers have had knee replacements, hip replacements, back surgery, heart surgery, I’ve had none of those, but they say well we have knee problems, what are you doing for yourself Tom, and I tell them about take Norwegian cotton of oil and eat raw foods. So this is what we’re doing and as a result I’m still in one piece, I don’t have any metal in my body, and anybody can start at any age at any time to get nutrition that they need for their bodies.

It’s healthier, you’re stronger, you can do more, and according to my longevity chart that I looked at, I’m supposed to live to be a hundred and nine I don’t think that will happen. I’m gonna try anyway. I heard something disturbing that the average American recognizes over a thousand logos and the plants that are associated with, and yet less than five plants and five birds in their area. My name is Brigitte Mars, I’m an herbalist and I’ve been in raw foodist for over seven years. Many years ago I lived in a teepee and ain’t nothing but wild edible plants for two and a half years, not once did I go to a store, everyone thinks that all our food needs to come from the grocery stores, and grocery stores are great, organic natural food stores are even better, Gardens are wonderful, I love farmer’s markets, but really nature abounds with a living pharmacopoeia, a plants that we can use, plants like acorns, which are the fruit or the nut of the oak tree, yield a high protein, high in vitamin b-complex, starch, however you have to wait to the acorns are ripe and then you leach them to get the tannins out, and that’s simply done by soaking the acorns in water and then you can grind the acorns up and make a porridge out of them and you can make them into a flour to use to increase the nutritional content of whatever you’re making, a lot of the wild plants are the ancestors of our culinary celebrated plants that we consume on a regular basis and one of those is the thistle.

Thistles are member of the daisy or Asteraceae family and this is the ancestor of an artichoke. Let’s say you were hungry, you could take the young thistle stalk, peel it with a carrot peeler and then you could eat the inner stalk, I like to marinate it in a bit of olive oil and lemon juice, you could also dig up the root really at any time of the year and eat it raw, I prefer eating it raw, but some people cook it. The thistle flowers are also edible and you can also eat the seeds, now you hear a lot about milk thistle seed being a great remedy for the liver, but really all thistle seeds are edible and they actually help to stimulate protein synthesis in the liver. A lot of birds know that thistle seeds are a great nourishing food, as well as a healing tonic. I live in Colorado and on the list of noxious weeds is the St John’s-wort, however people do go to the health food stores and buy St John’s-wort because it has been found to be a remedy for mild to moderate depression, you can also eat the flowers of St John’s-wort, this herb helps the light to shine through and it helps to improve people’s moods, also it’s a wonderful liver herb, one of my favorites is dandelion, taraxacum officinalis, every part of it is edible.

You can eat the leaves their best in the springtime, you can eat the flowers and they’re really high in lutein, which is a remedy for helping to improve our vision and to help prevent night blindness and the dandelion root could be dug up at any time of the year, and you can, I like to just chop it up and add some nama shoyu tamari and a little olive oil, put it in the food dehydrator for a couple of hours and you’ve got a wonderful delicious dish that is so good for your liver, I see dandelions as being one of our archetypal herbs to help people better deal with environmental pollutants, after all the dandelion itself as a survivor and by imbibing the properties that the plant takes on, it can help give us the same benefits.

So we have here fireweed, epilobium angustifolium. And it’s one of the first things to bloom after there’s been a fire and you see a lot of this in the Pacific Northwest, one of my favorite honey’s is fireweed honey, but I’ve also eaten fireweed as a vegetable, you collect the young shoots and the buds in the springtime and you could add them to a salad, you can marinate them, so we’ve got edible flowers, edible nuts, roots, it’s everywhere you look, and rather than thinking that our food always has to be purchased, I encourage you to start cultivating a garden, where maybe you grow vegetables, and you also learn the names of some of your common plants that offer themselves freely.

This is a workshop on learning how to make crazy crackers. The cracker that we’re going to demonstrate is the barbeque chip, that’s done with blended flax seeds, I tend to use more seeds than nuts, first of all because they’re a little more economical and they make a good cracker, and I like to use very simple ingredients, because a lot of times there are recipes that people use and you have to order things from like Timbuktu, I like whatever you have in the kitchen, that’s what you can use and most of my recipes have carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic, I like roma tomatoes, I like the hot-house tomatoes, I like tomatoes, so in here I have the hot-house tomatoes, and I like manuka raisins, so I have those in here,and then what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna put which is already cut, put this right here, we’re gonna put some onions, carrots, and tomatoes, I’m just going to pour that right into the container, you definitely want to follow what I’m doing, so that you can get the right texture, because if you’re mix here is too thick, the chip is going to come out chewy, if it’s too thin it’s going to break all up, this here is chili powder, so I’m gonna put in a tablespoon of that, and then we have some garlic, and what I’m gonna do is, I’m just going to cut this just one time, throw the garlic in there, and then we need the salt, and this is a sea salt, call this the real salt, and gonna put this in here, it’s got minerals and all that kind of good stuff in it, just put a little bit of that in there, we’re gonna put in just a little bit of cumin, which I love put just a little bit of this in there, I didn’t bring my cayenne, because I would put a little bit of that in there, because that’s optional for this recipe, I’m gonna put in some water, I’m gonna do this and I got a very simple way to mix Vitamix on and off, you have some, didn’t have the variable speed and all that, those are fancy, but all I need is on and off, high and low, so this is on high.

Something else I wanted just to tell you, you will know when everything is blended up, when you don’t hear all that knocking, that was the raisins and the dehydrated tomatoes in there, you wanna make sure that you do not hear that, this looks pretty good now this is kind of dark because the dehydrated tomatoes that I used were dark and that’s why it’s very individual some people want a little more of this, some people want a little more of that, experiment, there’s not any really correct way if I use a Meyer lemon, this is not a Meyer lemon, Meyer lemons are a lot sweeter, so the taste of something that I thought was going to be a certain way it changes if I use a Meyer lemon, if I use a Roma tomato, it’s going to be a different flavor, if I use a hot-house tomato it’s going to be different, so depending on what you like, that’s what you want to do, what I’m gonna do is take the flax seeds that have been soaked, I soaked these overnight, and we’re gonna put, I’d say about a cup in this amount of liquid, maybe a little bit more, because you want it to be a little bit slimy, but not where you can drop it and it’s going to drop without being like… but, you know okay, and then same if you put in too much black seeds, and and it’s just too thick of a batter just add a little water to it, just to thin it out a little bit.

You want the flax seeds to be totally blended, sometimes you might have some that’s a little, bit you know not mixed up, but that’s ok. When you drop it on the test leg sheet and people say, how do you get them so perfectly round, I don’t get them perfectly round, all I’m doing is just dropping it, BAM! And I’m gonna do that around, BAM! That is the conclusion of our class. My name is Cherie Soria and I’m the founder and director of Living light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg California, where we have an entire Culinary Center, based on healthy living, I’d like to introduce to you my husband and partner, Dan Latterman, and we want to show people who have perhaps never really been involved in the raw food diet to the point where they’ve changed their tastes, they they still really want to know that they can have the foods that are familiar that feed them emotionally, it’s going to be a whole lot better than something that you could get that was made with white sugar and white flour and not organic ingredients and so forth.

We’re going to start by making a very simple vanilla cream, you always want to put your liquid ingredients in your food processor first, so I’m going to start with some liquid and I’m not going to use quite all of it, I’ll add a little bit extra if I need to, all right, and the reason is is that I want to have some amount of control over how thick my sauce is, so I’m not I’m gonna hold a little bit off, these are cashews that have just been soaked that’s all, they’ve been soaked for a couple of hours, now you could use different kinds of nuts here if you want, I’m choosing cashews because I didn’t have to peel any any skins off of them, it doesn’t take as long to make it as it would if I used macadamia nuts, which you could use for this, you could also use pine nuts, but pine nuts have a very strong pine flavor, so I would mix pine nuts with a different kind of nut if I wanted, but just about any kind of white nut would work fine to make this cream, so we’re going to do that, we’re also going to sweeten our cream with agave, so in the other world the cooked world, we would be using a dairy cream probably, or if you were a cooked vegan, you might be using tofu as your cream sauce, of course it would taste a little beany, so that was my sweetener and now I’m going to use a flavoring, this is an organic vanilla extract, and you could use a whole vanilla bean, if you wanted to and it would have little flecks of brown in it, and that would be fine, you could certainly do that, I’m starting it on variable, I turn it on, start it on low, and I’ll be turning it up slowly, hey you’ll notice when I turned it off, I turned it down to variable, and then I took it from 10 down to 1, before I turned it off, and what I was looking for when I was watching this go-around, was, I was looking for a silky smooth texture where the light just created a sheen over the top until that happens everything is still a little bit gritty and you never really see the Sheen that the light makes on the surface, so that’s what you’re looking for is that satiny Sheen, and this is a beautiful cream sauce now, and it’s rather liquid, but it’s going to thicken as it sits, so that’s what we want, and I will need a spatula to get all of this goodness out of here, the next thing we’re going to do now, is we’re going to make a chocolate mousse, and once again we’re going to need a little bit of water, and I have saved a little water here actually, I need a whole order cup of water, now if I wanted this to be a sauce, I would I could add considerably more water to this mixture, but I want this to be a mousse, and this has no nuts in it, this mousse is made with a base of avocado, so I’m just going to remove the seed, and all I’m going to do is place these avocados now in my blender and I can use a spoon to just scoop these avocados out and there’s beautiful avocados, but I always turn them over to make sure there’s nothing Brown and there, because the brown part is just a little bit bitter, and of course we have to have a sweetener, and I’m going to be using two sweeteners for this, one will be a ghave nectar which is a low glycemic sweetener liquid clear and nearly tasteless, so we’re going to use that, and we’re going to add a different sweetener that you could choose to use or not, depending on on how you feel about it, this is called rapid aura and it’s a whole food sugar, that is actually cane juice, that’s been flash dehydrated, so it’s evaporated cane juice now it’s not really a raw product, but I’m using it because it adds a certain depth to the chocolate that I really like, and I actually really prefer to use it a little, bit of it but if you wanted to use this with only agave nectar, of course you could, and then it would be all lower glycemic, now I’m using a little bit of vanilla, not a lot, and again you could use the whole vanilla bean if you wanted and just a pinch of cinnamon, and I think that’s all.

We have avocado, cocoa powder, no, we can’t forget the most important ingredient, here cacao powder, or cocoa powder, and you can use raw cocoa powder, or depending on you know your commitment to raw, you could use toasted cocoa powder as well, snap it on, and once again, we’re leaving it, keeping it on variable and we’re going to turn it on, and we’ll start it out slowly and we can add extra water to it, if we need to, but I’m going to take the lid off and help it with my spatula, so I wanted to make it as thick as possible, and that’s why I’m doing this, so here’s my chocolate sauce, it’s actually pretty easy to make, and look at how thick and wonderful that is, isn’t that beautiful, this is going to be one over the top dessert, okay, so let’s put some some vanilla cream in our parfait, vanilla cream in one, and strawberries on top of that, mmm, it’s just looking really nice, and then we could put some chocolate on top, of that, all right, a layer of chocolate, press that into place, one more thing, I’ve got an idea, let’s take one of these beautiful berries here, just to finish it off, it’s not quite complete yet in my mind, and I’m going to show you, how to make a little strawberry flower, just slices ,just like so, okay, it’s like that, no that finishes it off doesn’t it, just that little, doesn’t that make a difference, is that little bit, uh-huh, Bravo, thank you, thank you, okay, so we have a lovely dessert there, oh my gosh, that would be a meal for me in fact, I think, I’d have to have it actually, I think, I’d have to have salad and that because that would help to balance it out, so we’re gonna make a milk, because the two things that people really sort of a craving, you know, is the starches and now dairy, so we’ve got to learn how to make milk and cheeses, and things like that, so we’re gonna make some milk, we make amongst the best milk in America, so we’re gonna do we’re gonna make this out of almonds, and almonds really one of the most alkalizing of all nuts basically, really, I’m gonna put a coconut in here, because we just have that, it’s going to really assist to help make that flavor taste really nice, I’m gonna put a little bit of lecithin in here, and I’m gonna show our audience how to make a emulsification, and then we’re going to put a little bit more coconut, this is a really good one, because this particular coconut is a coconut that’s been spun, and so there’s no water in it at all, it’s just a great grade, on one who goes for a honey, from fruit trees, unmixed a and unhetead, because it promotes flora fication, so we’re gonna put some honey and then I do have a little bit of agave here too, so I’m gonna put a little bit of agave in this just just so, it’s not all honey, or so you know, but you’ll be surprised that it’s very little sweet really in this milk, all right, so let’s start with the coconut and it’s amazing because, these coconuts, I see people and, oh my god, it’s some amazing the amount of work that they do, but it really is no need to do any work to cut the coconut open and all you do is just make a little hat out of the top of it, and you keep it all together, because you don’t want to be picking things up off the kitchen, see look that’s the little hat, so and then what you’ve got is a little chrome dome on this, which is quite nice, and some people are very intuitive could just sort of tell where to poke it a little bit, you know, and you just poked just a little bit, you know and like that, you know, this is really wonderful to drink out of, where’s the way that people do that, that I’ve seen, you know, with other chefs and stuff now, whacking them, oh my god, Elvis, is like somebody’s hit it with a chainsaw, but this is really good, it’s really perfect to be able to drink out of, we’re gonna bring this coconut in in a second, but I’m going to make an emulsification here, so we’re gonna bring a little lesser than in, we’ve talked about how wonderful that is in assisting to melt cholesterol and assist to help make the fats of things, that’s going in this milk more water-soluble, and things, little chemistry, and now we’re going to I’m gonna put some honey in there, about a half a cup of honey, it was sweet in this, just a tiny little bit of agave in there too, okay, so now, now I’m gonna put some salt and it’s about two teaspoons with salt there, now I’ve got vanilla bean because it’s so delicious you know the vanilla bean, we’re gonna put that straight in, okay, so we’re gonna put a little bit of coconut butter in here, and this is to really provide a nice delicious cream for the milk has plenty, and then over here now we have salt, vanilla bean, we have a little bit of sweet, either honey or agave, I have sun-dried sea salt in there, coconut fat, I’m gonna put a little bit of hot water, now I’m going to make an emulsification, okay, so I’m gonna now I’m gonna use the, I’m just gonna use this and get that ready to put in later, okay, now what what I want to do is go ahead and use the blender and you’re going to put three handfuls of almonds in, just three handfuls, and now we’re going to add water to this, this water happens to come from Manchester, such incredible water, it’s like a water from a fruit, and it’s a mature water, which most of the water people using on the earth at the moment is not mature, and hasn’t gone through its full hydrological cycle, so we’re going to just put that much, because it sort of expands, and now we’re going to cut that down, that’s going about take two minutes, so, I’m gonna put this on, and we’re gonna come back in a second here, so, now we have a bowl, and going to you might find something like this I’ve got cheesecloth that I often use, this is what we have in the studio here today, first of all you’re going to use these sprout bags, and now I’m doubling them up, because I don’t want any sediment in there at all, none, I want it to really be a milk there, should be no set of anything honestly, it’s nice culinary milk.

Now, why am I straining this I really want to do what I can to get rid of all of the husk that was on the outside of that nut, and so now this is a really great paste that’s left over, which I used to make a great bean paste, for burritos, rather than beans, this is a protein which is much more digestible basically, look at that, looks like milk, so, now I want to put the coconut and coconut oil, we’ve got to put more water in here, and blend this up, so now we have like cream really of the milk and salt, for those people who really culinary artists, if you would like to go beyond a little more in the recipe of of course you could bring some Irish moss, which is so wonderful to help thicken and bring a little bit more texture to the milk, you can bring cinnamon and little cinnamon in to help assist with blood sugar regulation, so, a great idea for making your own milk is when the trees promotes shade wonderful brings water to the surface of the earth and the sweet that you’re making here is a sweet, which is a sugar which is managed by your liver.

I’m dr. David Jubb, I’m great to be with you here today, it’s amazing that actually someone would have a doctor prepare your food, but that’s what’s going to happen here, it’s so amazing actually that will really be important that people could remember that actually, it’s really is their food much more that is their medicine, and the doctors of the future are doctors that really educating people how to care for themselves, so that’s what we’re going to be doing today, and I happen to be a neurobehavioral physiologist and psychologist. Does anybody know what that means? I’m studying up cells and microbiologist and I’m really looking at things below the level of the cell. This is a life addition, it really is everybody’s sort of looking around for some starch or something to actually really feel what you do, and everybody can love to make sauces and stuff like that, but gee, who knows how to make a nice rice, why wouldn’t we want to make rice, it’s got a strange undigestible protein in it, and it has runaway sugars in it, as well, so I’m going to make this out of things that you have at home, this is organic cauliflower, and this is a jicama root, very water rich and delicious, and I’m gonna put some onion in this, is to give it a little savoriness, I’m gonna put a little bit more olive oil, and we’re gonna put a little bit of some soaked and spouted sunflower seed to give it a little bit a of crunch, and some parsley in it. So that’s the ingredients of this is it really, they’re amazing, so let’s go to work with this, this is a fairly easy one to peel, but you just simply want to get the harder outer rind off it off, as we said you know most people are sort of looking around for something starchy to go with their meal and something that’s sort of like bread and that’s what this is, and there’s wonderful amounts of vitamin C, and flavonoids, vitamin C like properties and things, and so you’re going to cut them up into small enough shape, enough for it to really be able to cut down easily in the food processor, let’s cut this down, look it’s nice and fluffy and light, I haven’t cut it much, because I want it to sort of have a little texture, people love texture, you know shouldn’t just be mush, so we’re cutting things to have a nice crispness, we’re thinking about texture, when we make the food, and look at that so fluffy, and light, it’s so delicious, so now what i would do straight away with that is i want to put something on that straightaway to preserve it, quickly, because i’ve just cut it up and i want to preserve everything, for people when you go to eat this, and so whatever got here lemon is so incredible I’m just gonna make it a little bit of zest,and the peel and occasionally you going to come across that and it sort of just something fresh there occasionally, do some of the next vegetable, which is the cauliflower, but this is a recipe that really doesn’t require anything much and I mean it’s so simple to do, now we’re going to do the same, I’m going to bring that close by, and it’s so simple, you’ve got just a food processor, there’s no cooking, no time wasted cooking in things, and in live food, we’re doing everything we can to promote florification of the earth, because that is the major thing that’s on the decline, seriously, let’s cut, I’m really looking to see that I don’t want to cut up too much, I want to make it still fluffy and light, I don’t want to turn it to mush because it’s got to be like rice, you got to watch that I’m gonna put a little bit of onion in there, so I’m gonna just cut that up by hand, I think it’s so important that not everything goes in the machine, provides a little bit of color, let’s go put some parsley in here, it’s so incredible, we’ve got b12 analog of material and things in within this, there’s a chromium, there’s incredible things for blood sugar, and it’s a sort of broom material, now this is so delicious that I really don’t want to waste anything, I really want to do what I can to cut everything up as I can to put this in, this green is wonderful in this dish and the green makes clean, so I’ll just leave that just for this moment now, I’m going to put a little bit of oil over the dish, and that sort of provides a nice savoriness, and it that oil that I just put on assists to help all of the fat soluble nutrients the vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin D, all of the fat soluble vitamins are more absorbed as a result of bringing a little bit of oil to come to be, increasing the ability for this meal to have a good job inside, one last one just for this segment I hope that you’re enjoying this, salt, this is a salt, and this is sun-dried sea salt, which is the only salt that I use, the vast majority of salts on the market really are poisonous and we should project the skull and crossbones onto those salts, I’m going to just give that a just a quick little bit of a light toss and that’s it, now I don’t want to toss that much, I want to just really not play with it much at all, I have some of these about at Sonny Franzese, I put a little bit of these for some crunch and they really don’t have that much taste really, it’s a nice sort of a blend thing as well, so here you have a really great dish, very simple, gosh, hey, didn’t require anything fancy or anything, and it is delicious, and it takes the place of rice.

We starting with something which most people in the cooked world know, apple pie. How do we get started, we have to start days ahead of time, in the raw world, there’s a lot of food preparation going on, so for example if you notice here we have almonds, we actually soak this beforehand, the almonds are soaked 8 hours to 48 hours ahead of time, that not only removes the resin which is actually toxic, but it also takes out a lot of the fat and it makes the actual nut or the seed more digestible, you see, we also have walnuts here, this however must be soaked 48 hours, this is 8 to 48, this must be 48, the water has to be changed and it has to be rinsed every morning, and every evening, so there’s a lot of work that goes into it beforehand, you’ll see that we’ll make this pie really fast today, the real work came beforehand, okay, so, we’re going to start with the crust, since you already have the almonds there, and when it take a food processor and we’re gonna throw these Amin’s, now, this is one and a quarter cup of almonds before you soak them, after you soak them, they’ll become 2 cups, they expand, exactly, okay, so if recipe calls for two cups, you know that we pre soaked them in one and a quarter and I see you’ve got the dates there, the dates, or what we’re gonna be using as a sweetener, if you open up the dates, totally open them up, totally expose the inner workings of the date, and then we’ll take the pit out, we now put this in the food processor and we also did something else before, we took an orange, and we have a special equipment for that, and we will now process it, all we need is to make sure that it is chopped up, we’ve got two days left over, and we’re going to actually put some flaxseed oil in the pie dish, and I’m going to take a brush, and we’re just going to make sure that you distribute it evenly there, and we’re gonna make the crust now by just emptying this in here, so there’s no flour, as we start working with it, what you do when you’re working with food is you’re transferring your own energy in the food, so send the energy of love into it and you will see that it responds in kind, so if you want to go and play with this, sure and love to do this, okay you smoosh it all around up on the sides as well, if you notice here Lauren, this we have here, the apples that have been soaked in lemon juice, here we have soaked it with apple juice, and that’s to keep the moisture intact,so we’ve got McIntosh, we’ve got Gala, we’ve got red Delicious, Golden Delicious, all kinds, what are we going to be doing now is creating the filling, so the filling, what we need to be doing first is taking the dates that have already been pre soaked, here they are, and they’ve been soaked in apple juice, so we’re going to put this in here now, and this is the only thing we’re going to process, so what you could do is you can start putting the filling in here, which is, you can put half of this ,and half of this, into the large bowl while I make this so we’re going to be now taking this, and we’re going to be adding it in there as well if you don’t mind adding that please, Thank You Lauren, then we’re going to be also using the seasonings and the spices, I’m gonna be using nutmeg, this is the cinnamon, and then we’re adding some of this lemon zest, this is a 1 teaspoon of the lemon zest, so we’ve chopped up the dates that were pre soaked and dehydrated, so you’ve may go ahead and add that if we wish, and these are raisins that we’ve also preserved, and that goes in there as well, so this is pretty easy, once you’ve done the prep work, this is very easy, this is the easiest part to be quite honest, and we’re gonna fill the pie dish, so we’ve got the crust, you see the crust is already set, you can also take the crust and put it in their refrigerator for two hours, and while you’re cutting this up, and making this, and then bring it back it will actually set even better, here we have the apple pie there’s no cooking going on here, it smells amazing compared to a cooked apple pie, it smells fresh and just like apple juice, you keep doing that when I wash the hands and I prepare now for the almond cream, so here we have the almonds which have the skins off, so this would be equivalent to blanched almonds in the cooked world, okay, so we simply sit down we peel it off, it’s very time consuming and it’s really a great practice in meditation, this here is actually a cup or a cup and a half, it’s really up to you how much of it that you want to make, okay, and then we’re going to put in just a half a teaspoon of the vanilla, so it’s not very much, and then we’re gonna be using these dates, but this time we’re going to keep the water, because this will need liquid to move, now we’re going to make the almond cream, creating that and just go around with it, okay, I will have this one here, I’m going to show you now the difference between the other cream which I made beforehand, so this is what we have the finished product here, so you can see they’re the same apple pie, they look differently, see you simply this is more the French way of doing things, it’s more like a tart, so that’s why it’s really up to you, you can play with it and now we’re going to play some more, these are edible flowers, really mhm, and so we can put this on the pie, or we can put it around the pie to decorate it as well, and you can even put it on top to decorate it a bit, they’re very pretty they add a lot of color, exactly, and so for festive occasions, so we’re going to be remembering, as you do this, so you’ve got to be very careful how you lift it out, very wrong, we’ll give you a fork with that the taste Wow, this is the best apple pie I’ve ever had, seriously, this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted.

My name is Melissa Davison, and I’m owner and chef of Terra Bella cafe, raw food living cuisine in Redondo Beach, I came to eat raw foods, or I got interested, or enlightened about raw foods about eight years ago, I had a personal trainer who was helping me do dance competition, and so he recommended why don’t you try raw foods, and I thought raw foods, you mean just nuts and berries and fruits and vegetables, that’s it, where am I gonna get my protein, and after researching a little bit on my own, I was convinced and then on a mission, the results happened immediately, I mean I would eat the raw food, my friend would make some crazy green drink, or a smoothie, my spirit started getting lighter, I started shedding excess weight, I was never a big person, but I mean things that were just on my body, just started improving, and my complexion started getting sharper, even my eyesight started getting better, and then you know seven years later opening a restaurant, which I had no idea that I was going to do, today I’m gonna be making mango coconut chutney, for this recipe you’re gonna need one large mango, peeled, three green apples, chopped, or shredded, one cup of red onions, diced, 1 cup shredded coconut, 1 teaspoon, or a pinch of cayenne pepper, depending on how spicy you like it, two teaspoons of allspice, a pinch of salt, one teaspoon of cardamom, 2 tablespoons of agave nectar, one teaspoon of turmeric, and two tablespoons of lemon juice, let’s start by peeling our delicious mango, mangoes when you want to choose them you want to make sure they have a little kid when you press into them, you don’t want too green, and unripe looking, these black spots are wonderful they’re good sign, you have a nice organic ripe mango, sometimes if the mango is ripe, what it’ll do is right under the skin it’ll just kind of peel itself, so if you can get up around the nose of the mango, and kind of loosen it, it should be just peeling back, see how nice it is, it’s like peeling an orange, okay, the seat is located right in the center of the mango, and so it makes this nice teardrop shape, so you want to go for the center and just to the right or the left, I’m kind of feel where the seat is, maybe going from the other side will be easier, and then once the blade goes in, go straight down to the cutting board, and the knife should go to one side of the seat, and then do the exact same thing on the other side, stand it up on its edge, move your fingers out of the way, and go right down to the cutting board, voila, and then you just chop nice cubes out of your mango, shovel your mango into the mixing bowl, okay, so we’re gonna move to our next fruit, for the coconut mango chutney we’re gonna do green apples, for this you can chop it or you do a shredder, this time I’m going to chop it, so we have nice big chunks of Apple, once you have all your apples chopped you just grab them and place them right into the bowl with the mangoes, okay, next we’re gonna do our red onion, we need at least one cup, I’m gonna give these onions another little chop straight through the stack that we made, okay, so we’ve got approximately one cup, so, there’s no need for the side of the onion, so we’re gonna put this right on top of the green apples, on top of the mangoes, okay, so now that we have all of our fruit and onion in the bowl, now for the spice, let’s start actually by adding our dry coconut, about one cup, these are all warming spices, that I’m using today the the Cayenne, the cardamom ,and allspice, they’re really great drink colder weather, so if it’s summer and you’re not really in the mood for something that’s gonna heat your digestion up, you can hold back on all these herbs, and just add more coconut more lemon juice and make it more summery, if you’re in the winter and you want to keep yourself warm, add more of these spices, so once you have it all mixed and all the spices evenly distributed, you can set it aside and let it marinate for just about 30 minutes or more, mango coconut chutney for any meal of the day, hello my name is Nwenna Kai and I’m the owner and culinary designer of “Taste Of The Goddess” cafe, and today I am going to show you how to make one of our favorite dishes that we have at the restaurant, it’s our coconut enchilada wrap, and I’m going to tell you what everything is made out of, and what some of the ingredients are good for, this is the enchilada wrap, this really pretty thing is made from sun-dried tomatoes, we blend sun-dried tomatoes, tomatoes and coconut flesh, and then we dehydrate the mixture, and it dehydrates for probably anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, so it does take a while, it’s a labor of love for us, we have a creamy ricotta, a lot of people like ricotta, the ricotta is made from macadamia nuts, we blend macadamia nuts, garlic, and spinach, to make this really yummy mixture, and it’s very thick, and creamy like real ricotta, and it tastes like real cheese as well, we mix spinach, zucchini, corn, tomatoes, and some avocado in it, at home you can put whatever you want to put in it, some people they like to add mushrooms to their enchiladas, or other different types of squashes, and that sort of thing, but we stick with spinach, zucchini, corn, tomatoes and avocado, we topped the enchilada with a chipotle cheese, and this chipotle cheese is made from chipotle peppers, some more Tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, and the base of it is pine nuts, oh and we’re also going to put some sauce on top as well, very important, and so first what we do is we just layer it with some of the creamy ricotta, I like to ribbon chop my spinach, it’s more pleasant to the palates, I’m just gonna layer it, a zucchini a little bit, we have our core, this is a really nice creamy avocado, the creamier the avocados the better, now we’re just going to scoop it all together, and wrap it up, and the wrap is pretty dense, it acts as any tortilla wrap, that may be cooked, because it’s really dense, the dehydration has really made it a very dense texture, and then we’re just going to put it on our plate, we’re gonna layer it with the chipotle, the chipotle’s cheese is pretty spicy because of the peppers, so I’m not gonna put that much on it, and you know everything about raw food is about decadence and beauty, art, so we always want to keep things very pretty looking, appetizing to the eyes and appetizing to the palates, and very good for the body, and voila, there’s that enchilada, welcome to my family kitchen, we’re gonna make for you today a wrap, something we’re famous for leave cuisine, I’m gonna show you how easy it is, and there’s a million ways you can do this, and here we go, so I’m gonna start with the collard green, this is nature’s perfect wrap, it’s so all I did was, take a knife and cut off the spine a little bit, so it’s a little bit less chunky in the spine section, I’m gonna take some greens here, this is just mixed greens, spring mix, mostly green, those many different names, I put that in there, I’m gonna put a little bit of olive oil, because olive oil is so good, and then just squeeze a little bit of lemon in there, okay, now we’re ready, I’m gonna see this is a beauty of the wraps, you just make whatever you happen to have available, so I’ve got some red bell peppers, so I’m gonna chop up some red bell peppers, and I’m just gonna lay those across here, and I’ve got some beautiful cucumbers, perfect football weather, so I’m gonna put some cucumber slices in here, and let’s see I’ve got some look at this black tahini, fantastic stuff, it’s delicious full of all kinds of good stuff, like calcium and protein, delicious, great making tahini, and let’s see, I’ve got some sauerkraut, some raw sauerkraut, put a little that in there, so, I think you’re getting the idea here, basically, we’re just gonna throw everything that looks good, feels good, we’re going to throw it in a wrap, I got some mung bean sprouts here, stick some of those in there, and I’ve got some sunflower seed sprouts, I’m gonna chuck some of those in there, I’ve got some spring onions, that might be nice, okay, and I’ve got some avocados as well, why not a little avocado, look at the sandwich we got here, all we do is throwing a few things together that we happen to have in the kitchen, and now we’re ready to do the final move, which is the wrap, so we’re just gonna just like wrapping a burrito, just bring this around, I’m gonna tuck it in here a little bit, bring the sides around if I can, and then I’m gonna continue the work, final wrap around, little pressure, cut it with a knife, dish is ready for lunch, so it’s just a whatever-you-got-around wrap.

Well, welcome to my little kitchen and this is where my family makes all our food, and we’re gonna make a very simple salad, which we have a lot, it’s sort of our favorite family salad, and it’s a kale salad, now my approach to cooking in general is, I think it’s best to let the food speak for itself, so often the simpler the recipe is the better it is, and I’m going to teach you a recipe, you don’t need any fancy machinery, all you need is a knife and a cutting board, and I think you might like this one, so we’re going to start with some kale, we’re just going to peel off the leaf, and leave the stem, green leafy vegetables are really, in my opinion the most important food for human beings, which is why my restaurants are called leaf cuisine, so green leafy vegetables also make life possible on the planet by creating chlorophyll, people don’t realize there’s a lot of protein ingredient into vegetables, we’ve been brought up to think that you need to have eggs and meat and dairy, it’s totally untrue, broccoli and kale have a ton of protein, ok, so start with some nice kale, now, people don’t people usually use kale actually for decorating foods, you see, in a lot of salad bars and stuff, but because it’s kind of you know it’s kind of curly, and you know, it’s hard to swallow, so what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna break this down a little bit, using our hands, we’re just gonna take it, and we’re gonna rip it into little pieces, and you can make it as small as you like, all right, so far pretty simple right, okay, so we start off with our kale and small little pieces, now, we’re going to take a nice ripe avocado, avocados are one of my favorite foods, and we’re going to start off with a couple of avocados, and just going to scoop out the avocado into our Bowl, I think maybe one, one-and-a-half might be good but for this amount of kale, okay, now we’re gonna put a little bit of salt in here, probably about like a teaspoon of sea salt, and the course of green sea salt is actually good in this recipe, and we’re gonna take some lemon, and we’re gonna add that as well, now you can take your lemon, you can juice it separately, I’m gonna show you a really easy way to juice lemons, you just take your fork, and your lemon, and you twist and turn, and you’re gonna get all the juice out real quick and easy, you’re gonna get some seeds in there, but that’s okay, Whole Foods right, I think that half a lemon, these are big lemons, I think that might be enough, okay, and I’m gonna put a little bit of cayenne in this, is a really good cayenne, extremely spicy, be very careful, okay, so far so easy right, now all I’m gonna do at this point, I’m gonna actually prepare my tomato in advance, so first I’m going to get these tomatoes sliced, now I’m going to, actually, I’m going to put a little basil here, we grow some in our garden, it’s a little, this lovely basil, so I think I’m going to use a little bit that as well, like you get every day, every time you make this salad you can make it different, but what’s in your garden, what’s fresh in that season what can you buy, add a little bit of that, some million iterations of how you can make a simple kale salad, it doesn’t take much basil, okay, so now the fun part, hands get in, when you get to squish all this stuff up, add the tomatoes in, now set around a little bit more, we can add some spreaded mung beans in as well, but you don’t need them but they’re nice, nice little addition, and here we have this beautiful little salad, it’s delicious, so there it is our simple family kale salad recipe, no fancy machinery required, enjoy.

For this dish this is one of the techniques that I want to share with you she’s chopping everything really small because what we want to do is spread the flavor out throughout the dish we’re trying to create a fried taste without frying something and if you just eat a vegetable like you take a bite out of the carrot it’s gonna take a lot different than if you had it or if you’ve sliced it into small pieces so she’s starting off with carrot and yeah these are poles are approximately one cup so it’s an equal amount of the vegetables we’re using about one cup today one cup of zucchini one cup of celery and now she’s gonna add some broccoli and just like if you were making fried rice that you were frying put in whatever you like do if you want to put in mushrooms put in mushrooms put in whatever you like fresh tomato one cup of fresh tomatoes we’re gonna use wild rice now if you’ve never used wild rice you can buy this at wild oats or any of the big markets and buy packaged of the wild rice it comes several ways we like to find the kind that is called scarified and what that means is they put it in the food processor and ship the rice if you don’t bite a scarified put it in your food processor pulse it for about a second and what that will do is chip the rice so the water will enter the rice and the rice will be a lot softer you’ll have a lot more success with it so we see what we do is we soak the rice overnight sometimes it’ll take a day depends on the humidity depends on the temperature it depends on where you’re at sometimes it will depend on the quality of the water but let’s just soak the rice and water no cooking soak it in water for a day usually sometimes two days the way you tell is you just take a little bit out do it if it chews well it’s ready and one of the great things about this dish is she’s mixing that and the wild rice then what do you think you have there are a couple of two cups how much wild rice did you start with a cup and a half a cup and a half so we’ve got again one cup each of Sookie knee carrot celery fresh tomatoes a cup and a half of the wild rice and she’s putting put it gonna put maybe about a cup of the sun-dried tomatoes if you buy the dry ones in a package you can just take them out of the package soak them in some water and then take them out after a couple hours and they’ll be ready to use these again we grew them we using roma tomatoes exclusively we cut them we take the seeds out which we cut them into thin slices about maybe a quarter of an inch we put them in a bowl I say we meaning she we put them in we put them in a bowl and we marinate them overnight in olive oil correct me man now olive oil the garlic salt sea salt pepper a little black pepper and dried Italian seasonings same dried Italian seasons that we just buy in the store we marinate him in those in a bowl maybe turn him over once in the morning we take him out who said I’m on a dehydrator sheet or we live we actually set him outside and they dry in the Sun because it’s very hot in Arizona where we lived now this is fresh mint she’s gonna chop up the fresh mint nothing I like about all raw food but especially a dish like this is you can just see how fresh it is you can just see how how you know virgin it is I mean there’s nothing processed in there there’s nothing that you have to think about what you’re eating is just simple ingredients and okay then go ahead and finish up little black pepper a little bit of sea salt about when I say a little bit it’s about a quarter of a teaspoon for this recipe the spoon of the toasted sesame oil of course there’s two kinds of sesame oil toasted and untoasted toasted is not wrong but if you don’t use toasted you’re not going to get an authentic oriental flavor these are teaspoons a teaspoon of olive oil two teaspoons that’s pretty much it isn’t it men there’s nothing else to go in there I don’t think and again the secret to making this work is to chop the vegetables into those small pieces spread the flavor around okay so men’s getting ready to make the spring rolls you can start with the sauce first okay and so mens gonna show you now how to make the sauce with all raw ingredients we’re gonna start with the juice from one orange it’ll be anywhere between 3/4 of a cup and a cup now for this recipe again because we’re not using the bottle sauce we will use the blender you don’t have to use a blender she could mix it by hand or with a hand blender but because we’re here and time is limited we’re gonna use a blender now she’s getting ready to put a little garlic in there so what have we done so far you got the orange juice in there we’ve got about 3/4 of a cup of orange juice and now she’s gonna use some some chilli you can use fresh chilies dried chilies you can buy and find the bottle chilies that are just the plain chilies you can use those what did you put in a spoon of chilli one teaspoon of chilli 3 teaspoons of tahini Oh sesame tahini now she’s gonna put in three teaspoons of miso we always use the light Melanie so for almost all of our recipes I know do we use the dark miso for anything then just the light miso now that we’re gonna use some nama shoyu again it’s just unpasteurized soy sauce now I stopped to make videos okay so you see how easy that sauce was it’s very simple all natural ingredients gonna chop up some mint again in the bowl here she has jicama and carrot you can she’s gonna make julienne strips I hope I’m saying that right Julianne Julia julienne strips with her tool and you watch how she does it she’s gonna first make the flat strips this is jicama just to save time she she already sliced everything up use the Kaiba honey so they can see how you do with the kind of bow the great thing about this tool also is if you’re traveling like we do a lot and we just like to camp and travel and hike those type of things you don’t want to take a lot of equipment you want to be able to make something fast on the go this tool will do everything literally that a food processor or a mandolin will do yeah so in the ball we’ve got jicama and carrot mint and that’s it so far right man jicama carrot in mint and mix everything together okay I think she’s getting ready now to make the wrappers and again we you can make them with rice paper wrappers but the rice paper wrappers of course are not raw food because it’s rice that’s been cooked and then I’ve seen actually how they make it they cook it they put it in a wicker basket they spread the rice on a wicker basket they dry it out in the Sun if you ever buy rice paper you look at it you will see the indentations from the basket on the rice because they still make it by hand over there in Vietnam I got it so she’s making these thin little slices and that’s what we’re gonna roll in my minion and another great thing about this is it’s fun you know this is fun food to make now you can have fun while you’re doing it’s very creative but you can see how easy is she’s over lapping the zucchini and depending on how big the zucchini is you know size matters depending on how big the zucchini is if it’s a real big fat zucchini used to rolls and again she’s being artistic she takes a couple little pieces of mince and puts it so they’ll stick out at the top there so she’s rolling them up and it’s it’s so simple it’s so easy you just can’t get it wrong the only thing you have to be careful of is when you pick it up you want to make sure that you pick it up in a way that it stays together and once you see it you’ll you’ll realize how to do that it’s not something I can explain to you but you just kind of pick it up so that’s the part that’s loose you know you’re holding that with your fingers you got the sauce recipe how simple that was orange juice tahini miso a little bit of garlic a little bit of chili again simplicity we’re here at the tree life cafe and Patagonia and we’re gonna do a pizza today it’s gonna be a low glycemic food so what we’re gonna do we have the the the dry ingredients in first we’re gonna add a little bit of Italian seasoning about a quarter cup a little bit of hing this here is Himalayan salt it’s a 92 mineral rock salt a little bit of cayenne really good for circulation of the blood adds a little kick little spice black pepper this is another the other element we have here minced cilantro gonna put that in 1 cup of minced cilantro now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add our wet ingredients so we’re gonna put a pair of gloves on we’re gonna massage massage the dough so we’re aiming for a a cookie dough like texture a very dry texture I’m just gonna toss this around a little bit and just kind of get the dry ingredients mix we’re gonna put a little bit of red bell pepper so this is minced red bell pepper probably about you know one and a half cups so now we’re gonna basically massage massage the dough next step is is forming the pizza crust so we have our ball dough so here we go it’s like a pottery wheel spinning spinning your dough okay now I’m just pushing down in the center I’m just pushing it down so once you’ve kind of gotten your dough spread out the next step is use your thumbs and you just kind of press into this kind of design this sort of wave-like design now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take it off the Telex so we can’t dry it like this otherwise it doesn’t drive very well so I’m gonna put a dehydrator tray underneath the pizza crust we have our mesh sheet over the top and then we’re putting in another tray flip the pizzas up in the air peel off so that’s the way of removing the tough the tough Luck’s you can dehydrate this overnight if you want to definitely gives more of like a cracker like texture a little bit more of a crispy kind of texture so we’re gonna put in the dehydrator off to three hours is fine there’s one other element what you want to do is you want to create some sort of vegetable kind of medley so dice some bell pepper zucchini cilantro a little bit of salt pepper quarter cup of Italian seasoning quarter teaspoon of cayenne a couple tablespoons of lemon juice three to four tablespoons of olive oil we put that together and marinated them and then you can spread them on a dehydrator tray and just let them basically dehydrate for for a few hours and then they kind of warms up the vegetables and you know soaking up some of those herbs and those spices now the next step is basically we’re gonna make a tomato sauce 2 cups of sun-dried tomatoes we’re gonna put a little bit of bell pepper in we’re gonna kind of go for a little bit of a thicker kind of texture of a sauce something that it’s really easy to sort of spread on a pizza crust so we have our bell pepper three tablespoons olive oil three tablespoons of lemon juice so you could use lemon juice or lime juice three tablespoons of Kalamata water so this adds a little bit of a saltiness has the olive kind of flavor with a little bit of saltiness eighth of an eighth to a quarter teaspoon of hing you could also use garlic quarter teaspoon of cayenne little Italian seasoning so this is actually a combination of oregano marjoram thyme basil three tablespoons of tomato water to here so this is the water that we had from soaking the sun-dried tomatoes a little pinch of Himalayan salt we’ll put a little bit of black pepper in also so this is we’ll do about half a teaspoon of black pepper what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna basically process the Vitamix with the plunge the plunger and we’re just going to get that kind of thicker sort of texture okay so that’s our tomato sauce so we’re just gonna leave that we’re gonna move on to the the cheese so we’re gonna do a walnut cheese walnuts are very high in vitamin E and Omega threes so it’s a good choice to make a cheese with so what we’re gonna do first is we’re going to bring in a grind our nuts now this isn’t an initial grind okay now now we’re gonna add our other ingredients three to four tablespoons of kalamata water so we have our our liquid ingredients in there put a little bit of Italian seasoning so round about three tablespoons about a quarter quarter teaspoon of hang around about any quarter to half teaspoon of salt to start you can always add a little bit more salt later on our minced cilantro going back in I think that’s pretty good so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna turn the machine on so this is a nice texture here our next step is basically assembling the pizza so we’re gonna spread our cheese on first so a nice even spread of cheese now the next element is going to be spreading intersex all right and then we’re gonna put our our veggies on okay and then you can pack it down a little bit so if you have any questions you will just give us a call and email us and then come and see us tree of life dot and new hello I’m Victoria boo Tango welcome to the raw family kitchen today I will demonstrate how to prepare green smoothie green smoothie is the most palatable way of consuming greens why do I consider greens to be the prime source of nutrition because greens are the only living thing that could transform sunshine into energy that we can consume I believe that we cannot be totally nourished if we do not consume enough greens it is when we consume greens we nourish our body on a cellular level with all necessary nutrition and our hunger one feeling of deprivation goes away you can make green smoothie out of any greens and any fruits I have here I have celery greens I have chard I have here kale and I have romaine lettuce and arugula and you can even make greens our of the weeds and in fact this is my favorite you can pick up down the lines from the backyard or from the path where you hike and then you could mix it in a delicious green smoothie greens are the prime source of nutrition for not only humans but for many living creatures up to 30% of greens is protein that’s what the cows get the proteins because cows don’t eat other cows cows just eat lots of greens so how do we get green smoothie I would like to make green smoothie with chard so I’m gonna put some chard in the Vitamix blender and you can use any blender but the high speed blender is the best and then I’m gonna put some fruit and I love to put the earliest because there is a low hiker low glycemic index berries have low glycemic index and then we put some water in it and I like to add some dandelions to gender lines of my favorite dandelions the highest in calcium plant in the world and then just makes noise blend it and then that will be green smoothie when the greens are broken down in a blender to very small particles even to a molecular level then your body will be nourished on a cellular level and that will end up your cravings your feeling of deprivation your unhealthy appetite and you will feel nourished and fulfilled at all times then you can concentrate on your dreams and then you could do whatever is the greatest mission of our life is enjoy hello asset ran a few times coconut sexy bitches like it rough your heart – and right here in this now we will show you just how you like we do it would be such a crime you didn’t take the time want to give it a try eating its healthiest thing you can do for your body when you go to the farmers market you have the opportunity to speak to the people who are actually growing your food they are putting their love and their life into what you are putting into your mouth in your body but we’re going to teach you some extremely simple and fast things you can do under five minutes to make today we’re gonna make a salad – we got an avocado we got these bust out the beets yo what up the bees but as you can see we already made this salad cuz you gotta be pretty stupid to not be able to throw together a salad what mmm dressing is like the bling on a south wing on a salad so this dressing is extremely easy to make simple yes one of my favorite things started with a little buggy I like oil we showed you how to make add some tahini to be hey help saying what I say a little bit so it does need a lemon squeezer a good squeeze it’s really nice to have you a nice lemon squeezy stick it in take it in this helps you to extract the juice of the lemon all right I make this every morning that’s right you