Tofu Salad Recipe | Salad for Weight Loss | How to Make a Healthy Salad | Salad Bowl | Salad Recipes

Tofu Salad Recipe | Salad for Weight Loss | How to Make a Healthy Salad | Salad Bowl | Salad Recipes

Hello Guys, I’m Aditi & I welcome you to my kitchen. Today I will make protein rich tofu salad for extreme weight loss this particular salad is low calorie, low carb and high fiber. this weight loss salad will help you a lot in your weight loss journey. you can add this salad in any weight loss diet plan you are following. you can take this healthy salad either in dinner, lunch or breakfast or mid day snacks, evening snacks etc. basic idea is to eat this snack whenever you feel like eating something unhealthy. this healthy snack will reduce your weight in few weeks. one more thing I will tell you is, exact quantity of ingredients and their calorie value.

If you find this video useful then hit the like button. if you are new to our channel then don’t forget to subscribe for more such interesting videos. press the red colored subscribe button and then also tap on bell icon to get notifications of our new videos as soon as they are published I have purchased this weighing scale from Amazon India website. this scale is really awesome. it is also awesome as it will help you to measure exact food quantity during your weight loss period. it is really important to know how much you are eating to lose weight.

You can buy this really cheap from the link in the description box and pinned comment. Here we have taken 160 gm cucumber 186-26=160gm (bowl weight is 26 gm) 160 gm cucumber has around 20 calories. We will cut it into small cubes. Carrot weighs 88 gm and contains around 36 calorie. shredded cabbage 92 gm and 20 calorie. chopped onions: 53 gm and calorie count 21 calorie tomato: 110 gm, 21 calorie you can also use cherry tomatoes instead of normal tomatoes.

Tofu-100 gm, contains 50-55 calorie. We will cut tofu into small sized cubes. when we curdle cow or buffalow milk to make paneer(or chena) similary when we curdle soya milk we get tofu. it can be called soya paneer in layman’s term. tofu contains large quantity of proteins. it must be eaten regulary to make muscles and bones strong. you can easily get it from your neighbourhood store or you can buy online from link provided in description box and pinned comment. now we will sprinkle a little bit of himalyan pink salt. I always reiterate to take himalyan pink salt only if you are aiming for weight loss. now sprinkle 1/4 tsp black pepper powder no other spice needs to be added in this salad except for salt and black pepper powder. squeeze a lemon don’t add chat masala as it contains lot of bad salt, which is not good for weight loss if you like eating spicy then you can simple add chopped green chilli. but never add red chilli powder. mix the salad properly as our healthy weight loss tofu salad is almost ready! tofu makes it tasty as well as high in proteins.

If you like eating eggs then you can also add boiled egg white cubes. I would like to give you a tip here. whether you follow a diet or not. if you always feel heavy in the day. stomach always feel full. which is usually due to overeating. When you eat food make sure every bite you take in your mouth gets chewed atleast 32 times before you swallow it. this is really impotant as it properly pulverize the food to small particles. saliva gets mixed properly into food as well. this is a very small thing but it will have tremendous impact on your life as when you properly chew you can’t overeat.

when we don’t overeat we feel light and healthy. our digestive system and bowel movements will improve drastically as a result. so start chewing your food properly and do let me know how you feel. dieting is best in summers as it is relatively east to loose fat in summers. drink as much water as possible to keep yourself hydrated. don’t forget to hit the like botton and if you are new to channel then do subscribe to our channel! .