#1 Fruit To Eat On A KETO Diet (eat BEFORE bed to boost hormones)

#1 Fruit To Eat On A KETO Diet (eat BEFORE bed to boost hormones)

Inside this video I’m going to reveal the number one superfood that people over 40 years old should consume– it’s right here in my hands. –at least four or five days per week to boost their metabolism, to fight the aging process, and to more easily manage your weight. Now, ironically, you’re not supposed to eat this, it’s forbidden, on things like the keto diet, which is absolutely silly. Now if you are following the keto diet or you’re thinking of going keto and you’re over 40 years old, scientific research now shows that it can cause a rapid hormonal decline inside your body.

Now it’s not all doom and gloom. Because when you go over to my website by clicking or tapping the link around this video, you’re going to learn about an evidence based, one day hormone resetting diet protocol that you can use that will help you still coax your body to producing tons of ketones without the negative side effects. Now there’s other bad negative side effects of the keto diet that this little superfood can help you overcome and I want to share that.

So what is it? It is a kiwi. And the scientific research behind this little bad boy is going to blow you away. And it’s absolutely silly to think that you can’t eat things like this on a keto diet because it’s a fruit. Now you can’t eat your favorite cheat foods. You can’t have alcohol. Here, I got alcohol right here. Heck, it is Saturday night. I’m 48 years old today. It’s my birthday. So I’m having a drink. Guess what? You’re not supposed to have that on a keto diet. This is just silly. You see you can still enjoy life. You can still eat your favorite cheat foods. I teach you all about the science over at my website, how it helps you optimize thyroid and lymph sensitivity. You can still have your favorite alcoholic beverages. You can still eat fruits. You can still eat any of the foods that you want. You just have to use the three pillars over at my website– which are meal timing.

So timing your meals the right way if you’re over 40 years old. Just four or five days per week can boost your growth hormone levels up to 1,000 higher than normal. Combining your foods the right way. So when you eat a kiwi– I’m going to share more about this bad boy in just a second. It’s going to blow you away. When you eat a kiwi and you time your meals the right way. So you time a before or after exercise because then your body’s going to use those sugars as a fuel source. And then you eat two of these before bed and it will help improve sleep duration and sleep quality. Now I’ll post the scientific research studies backing up what I’m teaching you in the description of this video. But it’s important. If you’re not sleeping, you’re not going to get results from any diet or exercise plan that you’re following. So if you do decide to eat a couple of these before bed, which I highly recommend if you have insomnia, you just have to combine it the right way.

That’s pillar number two is food combinations over at my website. You see, when you combine your foods the right way no matter what diet you’re following, you keep insulin stable. This keeps your body in an environment where it can easily access stored fat cells as a fuel source. Now let’s talk about the science behind this thing. First of all, it has two times the vitamin C is orange.

More fiber; vitamin C; vitamin E; and vitamin K, which is essential for vitamin D absorption for your immune health than oranges, apples, bananas, strawberries or blueberries. It competes with bananas on potassium content. It’s a natural laxative. And by the way if you’re going keto, constipation’s one of a number one side effects. So having a couple of these right before you go to bed can help you alleviate that. Contains enzymes which help break down your food. Very important. Our digestive health. Contains 80% of our immune system. Studies show it can improve your mood, enhance immunity. And then let’s not forget– the delicious sweet taste of these sugars. I mean, it is silly to think that you can’t enjoy all these foods god made.

You just have to make sure that your time on the right way, that you combine them the right way, and that you’re eating your favorite high carb cheat meals at the right time every weekend. And I tell you exactly how to do it and to share all the scientific research over at my website. Just click or tap to link around this video. Thanks for watching this and god bless. .